Monday, 24 June 2013

Hand Cream from Westside : Elegance



This hand cream is from the Bath and Beauty range in Westside. This range consists of products like body butters, body wash, hand wash and hand creams in a variety of fragrances. My pick from there wide range was "ELEGANCE" - which is the Bamboo Extract range. The reason i got attracted to this cream was for its smooth and refreshing fragrance.

      Although with the increase in the levels of humidity we generally shy away from using creams but i find myself using this rather frequently as I wash my face and hands ( only with water ) a lot these days so my hands feel dry  though that does not happen with my face so volla !! there comes the cream. Also one can ( as i do) use at night before going to bed.

       Anywho, which ever season u like to use your handcreams in this one is a must try for its refreshing (yup, m saying it again) fragrance and smooth texture that leaves your hands baby soft ( literally )

Price: Rs. 299

The packaging is another add on. Its a tube pack with a plastic cap. the cap is painted silver which gives it a high end look.

Rating : Since i use this cream religiously since i have bought it not because i bought but because i like it i would give it 4/5.


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