Thursday, 8 March 2018

LoveStyleCrazy #ThrowbackThursdays

Looking back on certain memories brings back smiles and sometimes tears. These memories sometimes just pop up out of the blue, but sometimes we make an effort to remember things. This series is my little effort to talk about things we loved, laughed about or utterly disliked in the past.

1) I am sure all of the kids from the 90's remember this "it" song . It was playing on the radio and Paresh also new the song so well. I have danced to this song a million times and I still sing it when i am playing Antakshri. Some songs get stuck in your mind and you just have to sing them everytime you play antakshri .
P.s. the best thing about This song is Milind Soman 💖

Alisha Chinai's - Made in India

2) Last week we lost one of the most iconic actors in Bollywood. What a beauty. I have grooved to so many songs of her and will continue to do. Yes i can still dance to "Yeh ladki kahan se ayyi hai -Chalbaaz" or "Mere Hathon mei nau nau churiyaan - chandni"  my favourite childhood songs.

3) A little #TBT of my own. This is me and my dad after a lunch about 3 years ago. I will be visiting my folks next month and am so eagerly waiting. this time I plan to click hundreds of pics with them.

4) I am not ashamed to admit that "The notebook" is one of my all time favourite romantic movies. This is one of the most iconic moments of the movie. "I am a Bird if your a Bird" *Sigh*

Can you think of any crazy old pop songs ? Or is their any favourite movie dialogue that you remember that you would like to share?

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